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Senegal Detour

360° documentary, VR

Senegal Detour is a 360 VR experience about climate change, environment and agricolture in Senegal.

Climate change is a global phenomenon however, its effects vary widely around the world, depending on ecosystems and economies. In Senegal, they cause great problems for people, environment and agriculture. The rediscovery of the cultivation of fonio which is one of the oldest cereals in Africa and a highly nutritious cereal that requires little water to grow, could be one response to the challenges of climate change.

 There is also an in interesting work on audio made by Mattia Meloni with a double track: head-locked binaural audio for some things and stereo track for other things. Some voices and ambient audio follows the viewer to increase immersivity, other audio tracks are fixed!

I’ve worked on this during a 2-weeks travel all across Senegal with Luca Puzzangara, a journalist that has realised the related documentary “Contro Coltura”, in a transmedia project called “Butterfly Effect”.

Butterfly Effect project, a European Union project funded by COP (Consorzio delle ONG Piemontesi) via “Frame, Voice, Report!” and it is made in collaboration with Nutri-Aid International.

Senegal Detour won public prize @ River Film Festival in 2019.