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VR 360

Starting from September 2018 until March 2019 I worked in one of the most interesting project I ever did: VR FREE.

VR FREE is a VR movie shot in an italian prison, with a very talented director, Milad Tanghsir. In this project I did the 360° photography and post-production, but the inheritance that I carry with me goes beyond the technical aspect, and has to do with the people and situations I have met and the questions that I have asked myself, about major issues such as freedom, detention etc…

The idea of VR FREE was based on the immersive potential of VR, able to create bridges between the jail time and space and the outside world, building interesting connection between the two sides.

VR FREE was selected in many Festival winning a loto of prizes, and among other festival was selected also in Mostra Del Cinema di Venezia 2019. It is actually inserted in RAI VR Cinema Channel.

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